Call of the Wild

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The Call of the WildHigh school student Casey Doyle took the classic Jack London story, The Call of the Wild and illustrated and adapted the tale for younger readers. Aimed at young readers, Casey's goal with her telling of The Call of the Wild was to make classic literature more accessible in these modern times and encourage children to read the same stories generations before have enjoyed.

The publication of The Call of the Wild is the outgrowth of Casey's 10th grade International Baccalaureate project which required students to create something based on their passions. Casey loves classic literature and art, so she decided to help bring that love into the lives of children.

This is an e-book only creation, using client-provided scans of Casey's original acrylic paintings. 

The Call of the Wild is available at and will also be made available at the iTunes Bookstore in the near future.

Back cover:

Call of the Wild - Back Cover

Sample pages from the interior:


Call of the Wild - Page 4

Call of the Wild - Page 14