How Does Hali‘a Aloha Compare?

Our Hali‘a Aloha package offers ongoing one-on-one check-ins, editorial feedback during the program and a developmental edit of the final manuscript, as well as benefits including back-and-white images in your book, e-book format (Kindle and Apple) and more.

All Hali‘a Aloha books are professionally designed with a distinct, uniform look. Our books are printed in black and white, with a full-color cover, and allow for a finished book size of 104 to 120 pages (roughly 15,000 to 23,000 words). The Hali‘a Aloha writing program uses the micro-memoir format, but you are welcome to submit longer personal essays, a memoir novella, or other similar autobiographical prose in your collection. We are passionate about helping you tell your story, and sharing it in the world. 

The Hali‘a Aloha program runs on a nine- to twelve-month time track. When you sign up, you will receive your customized schedule; for most authors, the program begins on the first of the month after purchasing their package. Once your completed manuscript is submitted, you will be able to select your cover from a selection designed specifically for your cohort.

See below how our Hali‘a Aloha package compares to other common self-publishing or memoir-writing options. If you want a book tailor-designed for you, with a unique look and custom cover, or are looking for a larger-scale approach to publishing and distribution, one of our other Legacy Isle Publishing packages or a custom quote may be better suited to your needs.