What’s Included in a Hali‘a Aloha Package?


Hali‘a Aloha might be right for you if:

  • you are looking for support and guidance from start to finish

  • you are a beginning writer and want editorial feedback from a writing coach and editorial team

  • you are an experienced writer and want a second set of eyes on your work and/or someone to discuss creative direction

  • you want additional details and options for your book, such as photographs or extra sales and marketing touches

  • A copy of the teaching text, Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir (print edition)

  • Hali‘a Aloha program workbook and planner

  • Weekly email reminders and newsletter with tips to help keep you on track

  • One review by our proofreader

  • Layout and production services to conform to the series standardized design (black and white interior text pages, full-color cover)

  • 10 finished copies of your softcover, 5″ x 8″ book (up to 120 pages); additional copies available at $8/copy, plus tax and shipping

  • Free access to quarterly writing workshop sessions

  • 30-minute Welcome Consultation

  • Initial editorial consultation to frame your project and finalize timeline; review submitted pieces (1 hour session)

  • Check-in with our editorial team midway through the project; review submitted pieces (1 hour session)

  • Review of comments from developmental edit; next steps for preparing manuscript for final submission (1 hour session)
  • Six check-in and Q&A sessions via Zoom (1 hour sessions)

  • Hali‘a Aloha workshops via Crowdcast or Zoom

  • up to 8 pages (8 to 16 images) of black and white images (photos, document scans, drawings); basic scanning service included (image retouching not included)

  • Developmental feedback on:

    • four micro pieces total during the first four months

    • completed manuscript from our editorial team

  • Basic-level editing provided (proofreading, flagging for any big issues, minor clarity fixes)

  • Proofing and Changes: Pre-press and printer’s proofs provided (in layout); changes made during proofing incur fees

    • $10 per change for simple text changes (e.g. word corrections)

    • $40 per change for material swap (e.g. change content placing, delete/replace of more than one sentence, replace or move photos), plus hourly fee ($35/hour, minimum one hour) for proofreading of any new material inserted/significant changes


You own your copyright and may choose at any time to remove your book from sale as part of the Hali‘a Aloha series. Legacy Isle Publishing retains copyright on the design of all Hali‘a Aloha produced titles; you may not engage with another printer or publisher (in print or digital format) to produce copies using the Hali‘a Aloha or Legacy Isle Publishing designs or logos. You may purchase copies of your book at author price to resell direct to customers or to other retailers.

  • Your book will be released under the Legacy Isle Publishing imprint as part of the Hali‘a Aloha series; an ISBN will be provided and registered with Legacy Isle Publishing as the named publisher

  • Available for public sale in print format via Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble website; the retail sale price for all Hali‘a Aloha print titles is set at $16

  • Available for public sale in e-book format via Amazon.com and Apple iTunes Store; the retail sale price for all Hali‘a Aloha e-book titles is set at $6.99

  • You will be paid out 70% of net sales twice yearly

  • Dedicated book page on Legacy Isle Publishing website with book summary, author bio and links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble purchase points, as well as author’s personal website or social media profile

  • Included in New Releases listing in the Legacy Isle Publishing/Watermark Publishing newsletter

  • Professionally written, industry-standard media release/book info sheet with Legacy Isle Publishing branding for you to share/distribute

  • Additional editorial consultations with series editor Darien Hsu Gee at $65/hr.