The Legacy Isle Process

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Legacy Isle Publishing does not accept every manuscript submitted. Because we want our clients to rest assured that the Legacy Isle name on their book stands for quality, we are selective about the manuscripts we take on. Here's how our process works, from submission to completion.

  • Client Order Submission—a potential Legacy Isle client decides which package is most appropriate, completes an order form and submits it to us.
  • Order Acknowledgment—we'll send a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the order and summarizing the options selected and confirming the price. We'll also send instructions to upload manuscript files, including images.
  • Initial Evaluation—our team will give your manuscript and image files an initial review. At this stage, we are looking for image quality (to ensure we can produce a high-quality product with the materials provided) and assessing whether your manuscript needs more intensive work or if can be passed along to the next stage, Editorial Review. We reserve the right to decline works that we consider defamatory, illicit or in poor taste. We do not accept poetry manuscripts or works of fiction (other than children's picture books)—please do not submit manuscripts of this nature.
  • Editorial Review / Deposit Payment—if the materials pass the intial review, the client will be billed for a non-refundable 25% deposit on services and sent a Legacy Isle Publishing Services Contract. Upon receipt of the deposit and signed contract, the manuscript moves on to the Editorial Review stage, in which a dedicated editor will copyedit for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. In addition, the editor will review the manuscript for overall style, clarity and continuity. Consult the Detailed Package Descriptions and our Editorial Policies for complete details on the editorial process.
  • First Proof / Second Payment—the client receives a proof of the editorial changes made to the manuscript. (Certain revisions will be indicated as mandatory. Clients unwilling to accept these required changes may opt to terminate the contract at this point and walk away with a professionally edited manuscript.) Clients will receive an invoice for a second payment of 50% of total fees with the proof. Payment is due with the return of the proof indicating acceptance of the editorial changes. Once the payment and signed proof are received, the book will move on to the production stage for its printer-ready layout.
  • Production Stage—we will assign your book to a designer and/or production staffer to place your book into one of our template layout designs and, if your package offers it, design a custom cover. The assigned editor will review the manuscript in layout to ensure that any revisions made by the client during the first proofing stage have been made.
  • Layout Proofing—the client receives a layout proof. This is the final opportunity to check for errors and confirm that the layout is correct before the book goes to the printer. A follow-up confirmation proof (to confirm that requested changes to the layout proof were made correctly) will be issued via PDF.
  • Final Proofing / Payment—the final proof will be issued by the printer. The final payment of 25%, plus any additional fees incurred or extra services added during the process, is due upon acceptance of the final proof. Clients who select the Distribution Services upgrade will have their books listed with distributors at this time.
  • Printing / Delivery—upon receipt of payment, the client's book will be printed and bound. Books and digital files will be delivered as specified by the contract.