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The ‘Ohana Package is designed for individuals or organizations wishing to create books in limited quantities, primarily for personal or group distribution.

Package services include:



Once your manuscript has been evaluated and accepted by Legacy Isle Publishing, a professional editor will copyedit for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure (basic copyediting) in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, an editorial style guide widely used in the publishing industry. In addition, the editor will review your manuscript for overall style, clarity and continuity. Legacy Isle strives to maintain a high standard of quality in our clients’ work, and therefore we require that any basic copyediting changes are mandatory. Other changes may be marked “suggested” rather than “required,” but we do recommend that you follow the guidance of our editors; we select them because they excel at what they do, and their job is to make your work clear, concise and polished. Our editors will not change slang usage, professional jargon, pidgin English or other instances where traditional spelling and rules  of grammar do not apply, provided their use is intentional, appropriate and consistent. For additional information on our Editorial Policies, please click here.

If the editor determines that portions of your manuscript are unclear or do not meet our standards of quality, you may be asked to rework and resubmit it. If the manuscript requires intensive editing services, Legacy Isle can furnish a quote for the particular scope of work necessary.

The same editor will review your manuscript after you return it with your acceptance of the text edits, to ensure that any further revisions are correct. The editor will then make a final pass through the manuscript once the book layout is complete to catch any typographical errors introduced during the production process.

The basic ‘Ohana Package covers a manuscript of up to 10,000 words; longer manuscripts are accepted at additional cost.


Your text and images will be laid out using your choice of available Legacy Isle cover and text template designs. Your own logo or other symbol supplied for the book’s cover, spine and title pages (where a publisher’s logo would normally appear) will be incorporated at no extra charge. You may also supply your own ISBN (the International Standard Book Number assigned to a book by its publisher for tracking and ordering purposes); we will generate a barcode and place it on the back cover at no additional charge.

The ‘Ohana Package is designed primarily for books with black-and-white text and images and includes the insertion of up to 20 client-supplied images and captions as part of the basic package. Additional images may be submitted at an extra cost. Clients may also add 8-page color photo inserts for a fee, if color photography is desired. Please note that color photo inserts may only be inserted in specific locations in your book. (We recommend 12 images per 8-page insert for a visually pleasing mix of vertical and horizontal photos with room for captions.) The basic package also includes a 4-color cover; the number of images on the cover will vary according to the template you choose. You may submit additional cover-only images, or use images that appear in the body of the book. If color images are extremely important to your manuscript, you may wish to consider our Photo Legacy Package instead.

Images should be provided in digital format (JPEG or TIFF) at 300 dpi and minimum 1200 pixels (4 inches) on the shortest side. Images need not be submitted in black and white; Legacy Isle converts your color images as part of the production process. If client-provided images do not meet our production standards (excessively blurry, over- or underexposed, etc.) and cannot be corrected in production, we may request that you have them rescanned. Clients who are unsure how to scan at proper resolution or color mode, or who do not have access to scanning equipment, may use Legacy Isle’s Image Scanning service. All image scans should be file-named or clearly marked to indicate placement in the layout template. Complete instructions for naming/marking images are provided once we receive your signed contract and deposit.


The basic ‘Ohana Package includes 50 softcover copies, printed in the industry-standard size of 6x9 inches on uncoated stock with a laminated four-color cover. Clients may also upgrade to hardcover binding.

While the ‘Ohana Package is designed to provide a limited quantity of books, certain minimums are required in order to achieve cost effectiveness. Clients may add as few as 25 additional copies to their initial order, but reprint orders require a minimum of 50 copies. (We’re happy to furnish a reprint quote for fewer copies, but you are likely to pay nearly the same amount.) To reprint, contact your project coordinator directly for a confirmed price and delivery schedule.

Finished books will be delivered at no additional charge to a single destination within the state of Hawai‘i. Orders may be broken down and shipped to multiple locations; please consult your project coordinator for costs.


Each Legacy Isle client receives a CD, DVD or digital download link of the book in final layout as a PDF file. Each client will also receive both high-resolution and Web-optimized JPEG versions of the front and back covers of the book. Clients who add the Image Scanning service to the ‘Ohana Package also receive high-resolution JPEGs of their scanned images.

Clients may opt to receive formatted e-book files in EPUB and MOBI formats, optimized for iPad, Kindle and Nook, at an additional charge. For ‘Ohana Package titles, the e-book file will be formatted in Standard Text Layout — images appear with text positioned above and below. Text will be searchable; if your book contains an index, it is deleted from the e-book file, as it becomes unnecessary and page numbers do not correspond in e-book formats. If images were submitted in color, you may choose to have the color images appear in the e-book version as part of your e-book file upgrade. An e-book file is useful only for viewing on a device that reads this type of file format; most computers cannot handle EPUB or MOBI files without a dedicated viewing program, and some interfaces (such as iBooks) work only on mobile devices and not on desktop or laptop computers. You may find that the digital files provided in your basic package are sufficient for your needs. If you are uncertain whether or not you need an e-book file, consult our Resources Section or blog for guidance or ask your project coordinator. We do not offer end-user support, nor advise clients on distributing their e-book files. Please see our Resources Section for information on e-book distribution.



Legacy Isle Publishing does not accept every manuscript submitted. Legacy Isle does NOT accept poetry manuscripts or works of fiction, with the exception of children’s picture books. When you submit your materials and service order form, our team will perform an initial evaluation of your manuscript and images. Legacy Isle reserves the right to reject works that we consider defamatory, illicit or in poor taste. We may also decline a submission if the materials cannot be brought up to our professional standards. For example, your manuscript may need further editorial work, perhaps with input from a professional editor, or your images may be poorly scanned or of insufficient resolution.

Once your materials have received their initial evaluation and have been accepted, we will invoice you, based on the services requested, for a non-refundable 25% deposit. As soon as we receive your deposit and a signed copy of your Legacy Isle contract, your manuscript will move on to the Editorial Review stage.

Once the Editorial Review has been completed, you’ll receive your first proof. If, after reviewing it, you choose not to accept the mandatory editorial changes, you may opt to terminate the Legacy Isle Publishing contract for services and walk away with a professionally edited copy of your manuscript. Your 25% deposit is non-refundable.

You will be invoiced for a second payment of 50% of total fees when you receive the first proof. Payment is due with the return of the proof indicating acceptance of the editorial changes. Once the payment and signed proof are received, the book will move on to the production stage for its printer-ready layout.

Your final payment of 25%, plus any additional fees incurred or extra services added during the process, is due upon acceptance of the final proof provided by the printer.

All charges are subject to Hawai‘i General Excise Tax of 4.712%.


Clients have the opportunity to proof their book at three stages during the process. The first of these is the manuscript proof provided after the editor’s initial copyediting and review. The second proof will be a layout provided after your manuscript (and images and captions, if applicable) have gone through layout production. This will be your final opportunity to check for errors and confirm that the layout is correct before the book goes to the printer. A follow-up confirmation proof (to confirm that requested changes to the layout proof were made correctly) will be issued via PDF. Any additional revisions requested at this time or after this confirmation proof is accepted will incur additional charges.

The final proof will be issued by the printer. This proof is provided only to catch errors in the printing process. Changes made at this stage will incur additional charges.


Legacy Isle Publishing makes every effort to provide accurate, quality service on schedule. Our editors may, on occasion, overlook an error in the editorial or production stages. We assume no liability for the factual correctness of your manuscript, nor your adherence to U.S. copyright law. Each Legacy Isle client is solely responsible for the claims made and advice dispensed in his or her manuscript and for obtaining the correct and necessary rights and permissions to publish any material included in the finished product.

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