Hooligan Hearts

Hooligan Hearts: A Memoir by John G. Walters

Softcover, 304 pp
Release Date: August 2022

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Author John G. Walters (“Waltah Boy”) grew up on sugar plantations on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, including plantations in Hilo and Pāpa‘ikou. But the place closest to his heart is his last home on the Big Island—the town of Pāhala. In Hooligan Hearts, Walters chronicles these barefoot days, Island nights and his boyhood adventures, coming of age in yesterday’s Hawai‘i

Hooligan Hearts is Walters’s tribute to his brother, Ron, and the way of life they enjoyed as boys: “I wrote these vignettes to preserve and share memories I treasure. It’s my hope that whoever comes into my family or reads these stories after I’m gone will enjoy them, and I will be able to share a little bit about the place, time, and way we lived—especially since that way of life has vanished along with Hawai‘i’s sugar plantations.”

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Hooligan Hearts is available via online booksellers in print and e-book formats.

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Helene Yoshie…My Wife, Our Life: A Memoir

Helene Yoshie by George Hayakawa

Helene Yoshie…My Wife, Our Life
by George Hayakawa

Softcover, 160 pp
Release Date: September 2019
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What began as a tribute to his late wife, Helene, developed into a chronicle of George Hayakawa’s life with her, and a family history recorded for posterity. Helene Yoshie is a tribute to its namesake, as well as Hayakawa’s way of honoring her patience, strength and compassion. It was through Helene’s help that Hayakawa reconnected with his familial roots in Japan. As the last of his family’s line, this chronicle of the Hayakawa history is also his way of carrying on their legacy.

This type of book can be created with the ‘Ohana Package or Professional Package. Helene Yoshie was published using our Professional Package + Distribution Services add-on.

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Na Lei Mālama Keiki

Na Lei Mālama Keiki
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In the tradition of the Hawaiian ‘ohana, family history is passed on from generation to generation through the telling of stories. In pre-contact times, those stories were shared orally. Today, stories are preserved in writing. Na Lei Mālama Keiki, written by ‘ohana caregivers in the Na Lei Malama Keiki group at the Queen Lili‘uokalani Children’s Center, Honolulu, is dedicated to the keiki for whom they care.

As part of the caregiver support group program, participants were asked to respond to simple writing prompts and share family histories and hopes for the future to preserve them for the the children in their care. Simple Q&A sections reveal the background and personalities of the writers, each of whom contributed several short items including essays, poems, drawings, photographs and family recipes. The project was intended to create a keepsake for the families and offer the children a link to their history to bridge the gap created by missing parental figures.

This type of book can be created with the Photo Legacy Package.

For more information on the Lili‘uokalani Trust program, visit their website.

Plantation Doctor

Plantation Doctor by T. David Woo

Plantation Doctor: A Memoir of Hawai‘i
by Dr. T. David Woo

Softcover, 132 pp
Release Date: August 2016
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Born on the Big Island just after the turn of the century, T. David Woo enjoyed a unique perspective on Hawai‘i’s booming plantation era. The twelfth of sixteen children, whose father was one of the first Episcopalian ministers in Hawai‘i, he left home at the age of fourteen to attend St. John’s School in Shanghai, China. After earning his medical degree in 1935, he returned to his island of birth to become a “cowboy doctor” at Parker Ranch, physician for the Hakalau, Pepe‘ekeo, Honomū and Onomea Plantations, and co-founder of the Hilo Medical Group—providing medical care for thousands of ranch hands, plantation workers and many other Big Island residents.

This posthumously published memoir shares rich anecdotes in Woo’s own words, as well as archival photos and detailed maps of Hakalau’s ethnic camps collected by Woo’s children—Diane (Woo) Soo Hoo, David Woo Jr. and Alden Woo.

Dr. Woo, say his children, “was an administrator and a leader among his associates, serving tirelessly on boards of numerous organizations. He believed in service, donating many hours to helping and bettering lives. He was a true renaissance man, always trying different things, always learning new things, always entertaining new ideas, failures did not deter him. As we age, we have come to more fully understand his life and appreciate his optimism and positivity in serving his fellow man, community and family. He wrote this autobiography before he died on September 30, 1991, and on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death, we are finally getting it published.”

This type of book can be created with the ‘Ohana Package or Professional Package. The client initially started with a Professional Package + Distribution services, but transitioned to a print-on-demand model in order to keep the title in print but without having to maintain inventory.

Plantation Doctor: A Memoir of Hawai‘i is available via Amazon.

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Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message
by Norman H. Osumi

Softcover, 272 pp
Release Date: September 2013
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For more than 35 years, Rev. Paul S. Osumi inspired generations of readers with his daily newspaper column, “Today’s Thought.” Thousands of copies of his simple aphorisms were clipped and saved. After the pastor’s death in 1996, his son Norman Osumi received many inquiries about publishing a new collection of “Today’s Thoughts.” Because three small volumes had already been published by Rev. Osumi himself, Norman felt that any collection “would need something more.” Thus began a decade-long project to research his father’s life, with the goal of including a biography to add context to a new collection of “Thoughts.” In addition to the biography and hundreds of favorite “Thoughts,” Norman included select inspirational speeches delivered by Rev. Osumi throughout his years of ministry as well as photographs and letters from the family’s personal collection in his softcover book Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message.

“My father’s words had a great impact on my life,” Norman says, “and on so many others’ too. People needed guidance in their lives and he tried to provide that. Father’s daily sayings gave people in Hawai‘i a set of values for living happy and meaningful lives. If by reading this book, they can gain some insight to live a better life, I will be happy.”

This book is a customized version of the Professional Package, with increased print run.

Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message is available via our online store and at local bookstores, as well as select churches and hospital gift shops.

Cover and sample pages from the interior: