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Each Legacy Isle Publishing Professional Package client receives a Publicity Package CD that includes our Book Marketing Guidelines and a professionally-written press release tailored to your title; a 30-day Legacy Isle Client Spotlight Feature placement on our website; and a listing on our Legacy Isle Client Bookshelf.

Book Marketing Guidelines — Advice from our Director of Sales & Marketing on the basics of book marketing, covering everything from the essential materials you need to have on hand when pitching the media; how to pitch to broadcast, print and online media; what to expect in a media interview; what to bring to a book signing; setting up your social media profiles and more. These are the same effective marketing tools that we employ every day at our traditional publishing division, Watermark Publishing.

Personally Tailored Press Release — After reading your manuscript and an Author Questionnaire completed by you, our team will craft an industry standard press release for you to distribute.

Legacy Isle Client Spotlight Feature — Your book will be featured for a minimum of 30 days in our Client Spolight position on the left-hand rail of our website. This position appears on all pages of our site. Clicking on the title will direct visitors to your Legacy Isle Client Bookshelf page (see below).

Legacy Isle Client Bookshelf — Our Bookshelf features past client projects (if you prefer to keep your project private, you may opt out of the Bookshelf and Spotlight components of the Professional Package). Each client's Bookshelf page includes a description of the project, cover and interior sample images, and a link to the client's website and/or point-of-purchase for the book. If your book is not for sale, the link will be modified to read, "For more information." The main Bookshelf page features the book cover, client name and link to the client's website.

With the exception of the Client Bookshelf listing, the services listed above are available only to those clients who purchase the Professional Package or the Professional Upgrade for Photo Legacy Package. If you do not wish to purchase the Professional Package, but are interested in learning more about publicizing your book, we recommend you browse our Resources section and our blog.