E-Book Services

Legacy Isle Publishing offers an E-Book add-on service for any of our publishing packages. Our Print-on-Demand Package is also an excellent option for authors who don’t want to deal with physical inventory and would like readers to choose their preferred format. Finally, for those who want to deal strictly in pixels, not print, we offer an E-Book only option. (Please note that if you choose the E-Book Only option, you will receive digital files and be responsible for uploading your title to the platforms of your choice. We do not offer this type of assistance for E-Book only clients.)

What kind of layout does e-book format support?

E-Book Package clients have three options for file layout formats:

  • Standard Text Layout—images appear above or below text and may be color or black-and-white. Text is searchable, and hyperlinks may be used. This format is reliable across e-reader devices, though the exact layout may vary from device to device. This option is best for text-heavy books with limited images that do not require specific placement. Due to the manner in which text can be resized in a digital book of this type, blank spaces may appear above or below text preceding or following an image. Clients may opt to contain images with captions to certain sections of the e-book to prevent flow issues of this nature; the appearance would be similar to a print book with designated photo sections.
  • Image-Based Fixed Layout—text and images are rendered as single pages and layout is preserved. This does not allow for hyperlinks or searchable text. This format does not work on older generation black-and-white “e-ink” readers. If it is important for text to flow around an image or for the image to always appear next to a particular section of text, this is one of the only options available. This format is best for children’s picture books or books where layout is important, but you wouldn’t expect to find an index in a print version. Think of each page of the book as one large, self-contained image.
  • Text-Based Fixed Layout—layout is preserved, but text and images are independent objects, allowing for hyperlinks and searchable text content. EPUB and MOBI files optimized for iPad and Kindle will be provided. This format does not work on older generation black-and-white “e-ink” readers. If it is important for text to flow around an image or for the image to always appear next to a particular section of text, this is one of the only options available. This format is appropriate for books in which layout is critical and readers would need to search for specific words or terms, and/or hyperlinks are necessary.

What file formats do you support?

Clients will receive formatted e-book files in EPUB and MOBI formats. The EPUB and MOBI files are provided without digital rights management. Clients can upload the files to the e-book distributors of their choosing (these distributors may add rights management to files on their end). Legacy Isle provides files optimized for the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle. The EPUB files we provide can generally be uploaded to any e-book distribution service or device without complication; we provide the optimization for these devices to ensure compatibility with these most-popular platforms. If you have a concern regarding specific device compatibility, please advise your project coordinator.

An e-book file is useful only for viewing on a device that reads this type of file format; most computers cannot handle EPUB or MOBI files without a dedicated viewing program, and some interfaces (such as iBooks) work only on mobile devices and not on desktop or laptop computers. (A PDF file is not suitable for uploading to e-book services.)

Clients should keep in mind that there are a wide variety of e-reader devices available on the market. Older models may not be able to render detailed images as clearly, may not allow “pinch” resizing and scrolling of images (images can only be made as large as the device screen), and may not have color screens. Some are incapable of properly viewing the fixed-layout format files. Newer devices have more advanced capabilities and display functions. Books distributed via the Apple iTunes bookstore can only be read on mobile Apple devices (they cannot be read on a laptop or desktop computer). Consider the primary purpose of your book and how it will most likely be consumed in digital format.

We do not offer end-user support, nor advise clients on distributing their e-book files.

Will you sell my e-book for me?

If you have opted in to our Distribution Service package, or if you have chosen the Print-on-Demand package, yes, we can sell your e-book on your behalf. Be aware that this is not the most economically advantageous option for you. E-books are typically priced much lower than their print counterparts, and combined with the commissions paid out to the platform and to Legacy Isle, your net revenue may be extremely low.

Legacy Isle does not provide any sales or tech support for E-Book Only clients.