About Us

Telling Hawai‘i’s Stories

Legacy Isle Publishing is an imprint of Watermark Publishing, based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Legacy Isle is dedicated to “Telling Hawai‘i’s Stories”—memoirs, corporate biographies, family histories and school projects—books and e-books created to share the personal stories of the people of the Islands.

Telling Hawai‘i’s stories is our specialty. As one of the 50th State’s most respected book publishers, Watermark has for more than two decades produced top-quality, award-winning biographies, memoirs and autobiographies for and about Hawai‘i’s biggest names—Barack Obama, Don Ho, Ben Cayetano, Dan Akaka, Tom Moffatt, Spark Matsunaga, Clarence T.C. Ching, Eddie Sherman, Gentleman Ed Francis and others.

We offer the same professional publishing services through our guided self-publishing imprint, Legacy Isle Publishing. Legacy Isle’s package services include: copyediting, design and production, proofreading and printing, with a potential option for distribution. We provide the complete array of services that go into every Watermark Publishing title, helping our Legacy Isle clients produce a finished work of a quality they’d be proud to see next to any traditionally published book. To achieve this end, we maintain high editorial and design standards and reserve the right to decline to publish a potential client’s work after reviewing materials.*

*We do not accept all submissions. Manuscripts and materials may be rejected for reasons of quality or content. For more information on our acceptance policies, please see our FAQ section. Legacy Isle does not offer marketing support for titles produced for clients; however, we do provide a basic marketing kit to start authors in the right direction, and our blog provides advice and links to resources for authors.