The Print-on-Demand Package

The affordable way to share your story with family and friends

In response to demand from our clients, we have developed this basic package focusing on clean design and a simple way for you to publish a book without carrying any inventory. This package includes a limited number of print copies for yourself, plus the option to have online print-on-demand and e-book sales under the Legacy Isle Publishing imprint.

You should consider the Print-on-Demand Package if…

…you have a simple book—memoirs and business advice books are ideal—and cost efficiency is the most important factor to you. Our Print-on-Demand package gives you the same advantages of our other packages, with our local staff of editors and designers, but in a more streamlined process.

…you only want a few printed copies for yourself. Since we utilize print-on-demand technology, there is no large set-up fee with a commercial printer, and no need to commit to a large press run in order to get a lower unit cost. On the other hand, there are no cost breaks for printing more copies, so the cost for you to buy extra copies yourself later could add up. We recommend this package for clients who do not plan to give away any books to friends and family.

…you want to explore the market demand for your work. If your network has been telling you that “you should write a book—people would buy it!” but you’re not quite sure, this is an efficient way to test the market with a book that meets industry standards for quality.

…you just want the satisfaction of having published a book. We get it! It’s a great feeling to say you are a published author. If you’ve always dreamed of writing and publishing, but sales don’t really matter to you and you don’t want boxes of books in the garage, the Print-on-Demand package can satisfy your need to see your byline on a “real book” and allows you to give your friends and family a way to purchase your finished work.

What’s included in the standard package…

Copyediting services

A professional writer/editor reviews your manuscript (up to 30,000 words—approximately 112 book pages of editorial content) for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Design and layout

Your edited text is laid out in the Legacy Isle cover and text design templates of your choice. No images are included in this package.

Quality printing

Ten (10) perfect-bound, softcover copies of your finished book are printed in the industry-standard size of 6×9 inches, with black text and a laminated four-color cover.

Print-on-Demand Sales

Print-on-Demand client books will be made available for sale through online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others. While it may be possible to request a store carry your title, due to the parameters of the print-on-demand economy, the likelihood is small; any such requests would need to be handled by the client. No media or bookstore alerts will be issued by Legacy Isle Publishing.

E-Book Conversion

If desired, your book will be converted to e-book format and made available for sale in the Apple and Amazon digital stores. The conversion and sales services are both included in the package price.

Package Base Price—$3,975

The base package includes up to 30,000 words; a submission of this size would result in a finished product of approximately 112 pages.

Be sure to read our Process and Policies documents for complete package details.

Additional options:

Upgrades are available for higher page counts and adding images.

Image Scanning

If upgrading to include images to your book and your images are not already in high-resolution digital format, basic image scanning services may be added. Additional charges may apply if image retouching or other special handling (extra large images, etc.) is required.