Editorial Policies

Unlike many self-publishing services, Legacy Isle Publishing does not accept every manuscript submitted. In addition, we maintain a policy of mandatory revisions to the manuscripts we do accept, in order to ensure the same high levels of quality in all Legacy Isle titles. As a result, our clients can be confident that their work receives the same level of attention we give to our traditionally published titles, and that each Legacy Isle product is a thoughtfully edited, professionally-produced book that meets the highest standards of the publishing trade.

  • Legacy Isle Publishing reserves the right to reject works that might be considered defamatory, in poor taste or promoting illegal activities.
  • We may also decline a submission if our editors determine that the work cannot be brought up to professional book publishing standards. Alternately, we may request that a manuscript be reworked to meet such standards before being resubmitted.
  • Manuscripts submitted to Legacy Isle will undergo two stages of editorial evaluation:
    • Initial Review—our team will give your manuscript a preliminary review. At this stage, we are assessing whether it is acceptable, needs more intensive work or can move on to Editorial Review.
    • Editorial Review—a dedicated editor will copyedit for spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. In addition, the editor will review the manuscript for overall style, clarity and continuity.
  • Editorial revisions fall into two categories: “mandatory” or “suggested.”
    • Mandatory revisions include corrections to grammar and spelling, as well as errors in word use.
      • Exceptions: slang usage, professional jargon, pidgin English or other instances where traditional spelling and rules of grammar do not apply, provided their use is intentional, appropriate and consistent.
    • Suggested changes include alternate word choices, resolving inconsistencies in style or tense, correction of continuity errors (facts, spelling, etc.), clarification of material and other editorial suggestions that help increase the overall quality and coherence of your manuscript.
  • Contesting a mandatory change: Our editors are only human and may misinterpret your intended meaning or simply make an error. If a revision is marked as mandatory, but you feel it is incorrect, simply bring it to our attention with your explanation as to why the revision should not be made.
  • Walk-away policy: Once the Editorial Review has been completed, you’ll receive your first proof. If, after reviewing it, you choose not to accept the mandatory editorial changes, you may opt to terminate your Legacy Isle Publishing contract for services and walk away with a professionally edited copy of your manuscript. Your 25% deposit is non-refundable.
  • If there are elements of your manuscript for which you feel editorial revisions are non-negotiable, please advise us AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. If, in our opinion, we cannot publish your book without making changes in these areas, we will inform you of this prior to payment of your deposit.