Choosing the Right Package for You

 O = ‘Ohana  P = Professional  POD = Print on Demand C= Custom

Y = Yes, we recommend you use this package for this purpose
N = No, other packages would better suit your needs

This is a personal memoir that I would like to share with a small group of family and acquaintances Y N Y N
This is a personal memoir or biography of an individual who is not widely recognized that I would like to share with the general public Y Y Y Y
I want to share my life story, but I don’t know how to start writing N N N N
I want to hire someone to help me write my book N Y N Y
My family/group would like to document a special event or project for our own use Y N Y Y
I only need a few copies for my family or a small group Y N Y N
My school/club wants to use this as a fundraiser item Y N N Y
My family/business has a very detailed history and we would like to publish a printed chronicle Y Y N Y
I am a professional and plan on using this book as a promotional tool Y Y N Y
I would like to add color images or have a hardcover book Y Y N Y
This is intended as a teaching text or resource book Y Y Y Y
This is a cookbook or crafts book Y Y N Y
This is an art or photography book N N N Y
This is a children’s picture book Y Y Y Y
I’d like to see my book sold in physical bookstores N Y N Y
I just need to have some way for my friends and family to purchase copies (without buying from me) N N Y N
Our class is working on a project and would like to chronicle it and share it with the community Y Y Y Y

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