The Hali‘a Aloha Writing & Publishing Program

The Hali‘a Aloha Micro Memoir Workbook and Fall 2020 releases

Micro Memoir: Big Stories. Short Forms.

A guided memoir writing and publishing program created by by Legacy Isle Publishing and series editor Darien Hsu Gee

Tell your story through micro memoir. Hali‘a Aloha—cherished memories—strives to capture moments both big and small, harnessing the power of short forms to preserve our lived experiences. Don’t just think about writing your memoir—do it.

A new Hali‘a Aloha cohort starts every three months. Choose from our Basic Package (self-guided) or Signature Package (coached, one-on-one conferences, developmental editing). 

Work with your manuscript-already-in-progress or start fresh and follow our program to write and produce a micro-memoir collection in nine months to a year (six months for writing/editing; three months for production, printing, and shipping). Both packages include professionally designed finished copies released under the Legacy Isle Publishing imprint. Your book will be available for sale online in print, and for Signature Package authors, in e-book format as well. Under our hybrid publishing model, you own your copyright, and royalties will be paid on sales. 

Your life’s story is worth sharing.


The Hali‘a Aloha Approach

How our micro memoir focused program works

The Hali‘a Aloha series is a memoir program that uses a narrative form called micro memoirs. Micro memoirs are succinctly written personal stories, memoirs, events and reflections, usually between 50 and 300 words. 

This micro-memoir format is different from traditional long-form memoirs, which are generally structured like a novel. Hali‘a Aloha encourages narrative snapshots and compression, vignettes and glimpses. Each micro memoir is a chance to dive deep into a memory, to pull out the physical and emotional details of that instance, then get back out a few hundred words later.

This micro-memoir format serves both the writer and the reader. For the writer, it’s a way to move into personal material quickly, especially for memories that might be difficult or charged, and to write in short, consistent bursts. Writing this way channels our energy so we distill the most important elements of a moment into an evocative or interesting piece of writing. 

Readers can experience a micro memoir in the amount of time it would take to finish a cup of tea. The form gives the reader permission to move through your life stories at their own pace, and to jump in wherever they’d like.

Write at your own pace

The Hali‘a Aloha program follows a six-month writing schedule, with three to four months for editing and production. The program is designed to be completed within one year—the average is nine months, from writing to publication. Some writers may finish sooner—it’s up to you.

The proprietary, easy-to-follow Hali‘a Aloha workbook and planner helps keep you moving forward with your project. Each week consists of short assignments and writing exercises. The assignments include reading and other activities that help you get into a focused state of mind and hone your writing skills. The writing exercises serve two functions: to generate new work for your memoir and to keep you writing regularly. These exercises are not mandatory—you can write about whatever you want, however you want.

As you go through each week, your writing will get stronger. You’ll have a clearer sense of how everything fits together and, ultimately, the story you want to tell. You may have thought your book would be about your childhood, but maybe it’s about something else—love and loss, or finding family, for example. Trust this process. It will take you where you want to go.

Hali‘a Aloha Micro Memoir assignment key: Read, Focus, Prep, Write
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