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Micro Memoirs. Big stories, short forms.

Hali‘a Aloha—cherished memories—strives to capture moments both big and small, harnessing the power of short forms to preserve our lived experiences.

Created in 2020 as a collaboration between writing coach and bestselling author Darien Hsu Gee and the Legacy Isle Publishing team, the Hali‘a Aloha writing and hybrid-publishing program is an all-in-one option for writers to write and produce a micro-memoir collection within a year.

We are currently not accepting new applications to the program.

If you’d like to explore writing a collection of micro memoirs, visit Series Editor Darien Hsu Gee’s teaching website, where she continues to focus on the art and craft of micro.

If you’d like to explore memoir publishing with Legacy Isle, please start here to explore our service options.

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