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Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir

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Make a Plan to Start—and Finish!—Your Memoir

Have you ever thought of writing your own memoir? Or preserving your family’s history by recording your relatives’ life stories? Many of us have, but so few of us do it. Why? Maybe we think we’re not “good enough” at writing. Or perhaps we’re scared to reveal family secrets. You might have started and somehow…

Working On My Memoir (Or So They Say)

Inspired by the @WrknOnMyNovel Twitter account, we thought we’d do a search on the phrase “Working On My Memoir” to see what’s being tweeted about memoir writing. Turns out, it’s an entertaining mix of legit memoirists at work and folks offering tongue-in-cheek summations of their lives. We saved the Twitter search. Check it out here.…

Writing the Six-Word Hawaii Memoir

Ready to flex those memoir-writing muscles? To celebrate the release of Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir: Advice and Exercises to Help You Tell Your Story by Darien Gee, we’re giving away three sets of memoir books, including the new how-to guide, plus a 15% discount credit on a Legacy Isle Publishing package. All you have to…

Why Am I Writing This?

At some point in the process, frustrated by writer’s block or the editing process, you may find yourself asking this question. But that’s not the existential dilemma we want to address here. We want to point out that before you start, and throughout the writing and editing process, “Why am I writing this?” is a…


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Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir

Writing the Hawaii Memoir by Darien Gee

This award-winning guide from bestselling novelist and writing coach Darien Gee is a valuable tool for aspiring memoirists.

If you’d like the inside track on all the advice that we would love our clients to know before they get started on their manuscripts, it’s all here in Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir: Advice and Exercises to Help You Tell Your Story by Darien Gee.

Purchase a copy through our online store or at your local bookstore.