The Beginnings of Legacy Isle Publishing

Legacy Isle Publishing is a division of Watermark Publishing devoted to providing self-publishing services for aspiring non-fiction authors — particularly in the personal memoir, business biography and family history genres.

At Watermark, we began to receive so many inquiries from clients interested in self-financing their own book projects, we came to realize that we were well-positioned to offer these services as a regular part of our business, not just one-off clients. And so, Legacy Isle Publishing was born.

Not every book is meant for the traditional publishing route, in which a publisher takes on all the financial, production and promotional responsibilities. It doesn’t mean it’s a “bad book.”

Many of those who approached us for help had wonderful stories — but the realistic audience was only a few hundred readers. In other cases, clients were looking to share their business knowledge or the background of their founder — the potential audience was in the thousands, but it would take a long time to get there, would require a lot of dedicated effort, and the readership for these books wouldn’t be found browsing in the bookstore. And still others had no interest in selling their book on the public market — “I just want something nicely done that I can pass on to my children,” they said.

Before establishing Legacy Isle, we turned away several of these potential clients; others found the pricing too high and the quantity of copies included in the proposal too numerous. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what our potential clients were looking for in a finished book —most of them didn’t know what they wanted, or where to start — and assembling each job quote piecemeal.

We have, since then, fine-tuned our offerings to meet the most commonly requested formats and options. The packages we now offer are the most economical and efficient options.

If you have a personal memoir or family history that you would like preserved for future generations; the story of your company’s founder that you’d like to present to potential clients to help them understand how you conduct business; industry expertise that you’d like to present professionally and offer for sale…we can help!