Working On My Memoir (Or So They Say)

Inspired by the @WrknOnMyNovel Twitter account, we thought we’d do a search on the phrase “Working On My Memoir” to see what’s being tweeted about memoir writing. Turns out, it’s an entertaining mix of legit memoirists at work and folks offering tongue-in-cheek summations of their lives.

We saved the Twitter search. Check it out here.

Working on edits for my memoir (pub date fall of 2015) Favorite part so far is that I get to re-name all my ex-boyfriends. #writerpower

@KimvanAlkemade @ClaireCookwrite congrats. I signed the contract for my memoir last year when I was 64.. was working on it for years.

Working on my #memoir. It’s gonna be really personal. So please be kind. #amwriting #writing

Working on my boss’s memoir for him. I dislike being gawked at by the ancient old men in this retirement home D:

I can’t believe I’m almost done with the first complete draft of my memoir. I’ve been working on it for 5 years and dreaming of it for 15.

I’m working on a memoir of motherhood entitled “The Astonishing Number of Things I Do with My Feet.”

Working on my memoir "Hell is Working Tuesday Afternoon". I have time to write it because I'm working on Tuesday afternoon and it's boring.

Been up since 3:50 working on my memoir. Thanks(?), jetlag