Hawai‘i’s Future

Hawai‘i’s Future
Softcover, 120 pp
Release Date: September 2020

Hawai‘i’s future has been a growing concern for former governor George Ariyoshi for many years. In an interview with Civil Beat, Ariyoshi said, “I’m doing my book because I’m very concerned about the future,” he said. “I feel the future is not being addressed. And by that I mean the problems come up and people are not trying to address the problems.”

In his book, Hawai‘i’s Future, Ariyoshi poses the questions: “Are we doing this the right way? Can we do better?” Known for his leadership in long-range planning, the former governor offers a sweeping vision for managing growth and shaping Hawai‘i’s future for the generations to come.

The 120-page softcover book is a customized version of the Professional Package, with increased print run.

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