Judge Art Fong book cover

Judge Arthur S.K. Fong

Judge Arthur S.K. Fong: Living A Life That Matters by Jerry Burris

Hardcover w/ dustjacket, 112 pp
Release Date: July 2014

Judge Arthur S.K. Fong’s memoir, Judge Arthur S.K. Fong: Living A Life That Matters, takes its title from one of his favorite poems, “A Life That Matters.” Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident. / It’s not a matter of circumstances, but of choice. / Choose to live a life that matters. “There are always periods of high and low moments in life,” Judge Fong observes. “In my professional life, we are proudest when tough problems are solved. I have lived and participated in the most dramatic, exciting time in Hawaiian history. Some of the records of what happened during those years are forever lost. Most of my contemporaries are now long gone, or their memories faded. I wanted my story to be written so my great-grandchildren and the generations to follow would have some insight into my involvement in Hawai‘i’s history.” Fong also credits the “constant, insistent prodding” of his eldest son, Peter, with motivating him to work with veteran biographer Jerry Burris to chronicle his life story.

After earning a law degree and a masters in business administration from the University of Michigan, Fong, the grandson of Chinese immigrants, went on to distinguish himself in the legal profession, imposing strict standards of professionalism upon himself and those around him. As a confidant of such leaders as Governors William F. Quinn, John A. Burns and George R. Ariyoshi, he helped guide the Islands into statehood and through the challenging years that followed.

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