A Promise: A Vow of Love for Baby and a Message of Hope for Mom

A Promise: A Vow of Love for Baby and a Message of Hope for Mom

Hardcover, 36 pp
Release Date: September 2020

A Promise: A Vow of Love for Baby and a Message of Hope for Mom was created by Hawai‘i family psychologist Dr. Annie Rohr to reassure new mothers that motherhood doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and that it’s perfectly normal to struggle with adapting to life with a baby.

Rohr struggled herself with postpartum depression and wrote the book to create something that she felt would have helped her during those early days. In Rohr’s opinion, not enough is done to address postpartum mental health, and parenting discussions often fail to normalize the feelings of frustration, depression and isolation experienced by new mothers. Publications and social media emphasize the wonder of motherhood and that there’s a standard of “normal,” thereby increasing anxiety in women whose experiences don’t align. “I needed to hear that it’s all right to miss your old pre-motherhood life,” Rohr says. “I felt it was important to tell other moms, ‘I am a family psychologist, and this happened to me too.’ I want them to know that they aren’t doing anything wrong—their journey is just different. And most of all, it’s OK to ask for help.”

A Promise is presented in Rohr’s voice as a conversation directed to a newborn, with accompanying advice and affirmations for mothers. Rohr also includes a resource section with further guidance and a list of helpful organizations offering assistance with postpartum issues.

The 36-page hardcover, full-color book is a custom-quote project illustrated with original artwork provided as scans by the client.

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Cover and sample pages from the interior: