Society of Seven by Frances Kirk

The Society of Seven

The Society of Seven: Last of the Great Show Bands
by Frances Kirk

Softcover, 368 pp
Release Date: December 2013

For five decades—from their early years in Hong Kong as the Fabulous Echoes to standing-room-only performances in clubs and concert halls around the world—the saga of the Society of Seven has been one of the most enduring success stories in show business. After encouragement from friends, the group’s longtime confidante and manager, Frances Kirk, sat down to recount her personal journey with the band, which happens to be deeply enmeshed with the history of the group itself. In her memoir, The Society of Seven: Last of the Great Show Bands, Kirk recounts the wild ride of a revolving cast of world class entertainers, who overcame dramatic turnover and personal tragedy to build a unique legacy in the rough-and-tumble world of showbiz.

A savvy businesswoman born and raised in Hong Kong, Kirk joined the family business, Diamond Music Company, in 1960 when her father fell gravely ill. She went on to establish the company’s recording department and concert promotion arm, building Diamond Music into a major player in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, Singapore and Southeast Asia. In 1980 Kirk was appointed entertainment director at Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, where her duties included promoting and booking talent at the Outrigger Main Showroom and later the Polynesian Palace.

The Society of Seven is a 362-page softcover book with black-and-white photo insert sections.

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