My Heartfelt Will by Stephen Yim

My Heartfelt Will

My Heartfelt Will by Stephen B. Yim

Softcover, 46 pp
Release Date: May 2012

Estate lawyer Stephen B. Yim came to us with the idea of creating a printed workbook for his clients. Stephen’s philosophy is that estate planning “means not only making a sound legal estate plan, but also involves writing down one’s memories, hopes, and wishes for their loved ones.” With this in mind, he drafted a document framework that he could give to clients to complete, but he felt that a bound book would make a more attractive keepsake for clients and their heirs. In addition, he preferred the idea of a legacy item that would contain the clients’ handwriting, over a packet of pages printed out by a client from their home computer.

My Heartfelt Will was intended to be as much an heirloom as it is an accompaniment to the legal estate plan. (It is not, on its own, a legal document.) Stephen’s clients are now able to review estate planning advice and compose their answers to his guided questions in a bound workbook.

My Heartfelt Will is available for clients of the law firm, and will be available to the general public for purchase in the future.

This type of book can be created with the Photo Legacy Package.

For more information on Stephen Yim’s estate planning practice, visit the firm’s website. A future update to the site will include more information on how non-clients can obtain a copy of My Heartfelt Will.

Sample interior pages: