Today’s Thought

Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message
by Norman H. Osumi

Softcover, 272 pp
Release Date: September 2013

For more than 35 years, Rev. Paul S. Osumi inspired generations of readers with his daily newspaper column, “Today’s Thought.” Thousands of copies of his simple aphorisms were clipped and saved. After the pastor’s death in 1996, his son Norman Osumi received many inquiries about publishing a new collection of “Today’s Thoughts.” Because three small volumes had already been published by Rev. Osumi himself, Norman felt that any collection “would need something more.” Thus began a decade-long project to research his father’s life, with the goal of including a biography to add context to a new collection of “Thoughts.” In addition to the biography and hundreds of favorite “Thoughts,” Norman included select inspirational speeches delivered by Rev. Osumi throughout his years of ministry as well as photographs and letters from the family’s personal collection in his softcover book Today’s Thought—Rev. Paul Osumi: The Man & His Message.

“My father’s words had a great impact on my life,” Norman says, “and on so many others’ too. People needed guidance in their lives and he tried to provide that. Father’s daily sayings gave people in Hawai‘i a set of values for living happy and meaningful lives. If by reading this book, they can gain some insight to live a better life, I will be happy.”

This book is a customized version of the Professional Package, with increased print run.

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