Helene Yoshie…My Wife, Our Life: A Memoir

Helene Yoshie by George Hayakawa

Helene Yoshie…My Wife, Our Life
by George Hayakawa

Softcover, 160 pp
Release Date: September 2019

What began as a tribute to his late wife, Helene, developed into a chronicle of George Hayakawa’s life with her, and a family history recorded for posterity. Helene Yoshie is a tribute to its namesake, as well as Hayakawa’s way of honoring her patience, strength and compassion. It was through Helene’s help that Hayakawa reconnected with his familial roots in Japan. As the last of his family’s line, this chronicle of the Hayakawa history is also his way of carrying on their legacy.

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Cover and sample pages from the interior: