Fifty-Three Tuesdays

Fifty-Three Tuesdays by G.K. Nakata

Softcover, 664 pp
Release Date: June 2022

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In Fifty-Three Tuesdays, G.K. Nakata spins a slow-burning, passionate story of star-crossed lovers who could—just maybe—prove that love conquers all.

Nakata has written all his life-mostly legal briefs and financial analyses. He delved into fiction after stumbling into a Honolulu, Hawai’i hostess bar and, he says, the adventures just started rolling off my pen. A cabinet member in a previous city administration, Nakata has been involved in more than twenty political campaigns at both the city and state levels. How did a veteran of the political wars end up writing a love story? I walked into the bar one day, made a few friends, drank a few beers, sang some songs, and watched everyday people having everyday interactions-then asked, what if?

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