Hooligan Hearts

Hooligan Hearts: A Memoir by John G. Walters

Softcover, 304 pp
Release Date: August 2022

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Author John G. Walters (“Waltah Boy”) grew up on sugar plantations on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, including plantations in Hilo and Pāpa‘ikou. But the place closest to his heart is his last home on the Big Island—the town of Pāhala. In Hooligan Hearts, Walters chronicles these barefoot days, Island nights and his boyhood adventures, coming of age in yesterday’s Hawai‘i

Hooligan Hearts is Walters’s tribute to his brother, Ron, and the way of life they enjoyed as boys: “I wrote these vignettes to preserve and share memories I treasure. It’s my hope that whoever comes into my family or reads these stories after I’m gone will enjoy them, and I will be able to share a little bit about the place, time, and way we lived—especially since that way of life has vanished along with Hawai‘i’s sugar plantations.”

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